Investigation of eye-catching colors using eye tracking

Empirical Experiment to UX Design Guidelines
Client: LG Electronics (2010-2013)

Explored the attentive colors and position by eye tracking experiments considering the context of mobile communication media.

link to paper


Design Guidelines for Organic Food Labeling of Small Brands

Conjoint Analysis to Package Design Guidelines
Supported by: National Research Foundation (2010-2011)

Developed managerial guidelines for designing packages, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who may not have a variety of strategic visual tools.

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Korea Trend Research

Trend Research to Market Positioning
Client: Nokia London (2010)

Extracted keywords summarizing Korea’s expected physical and digital trends for the next 3 years in order to position Nokia's future products in the Korean market.

Deliverables: Trend report


Development of National Identity Card Design

User Research to Product System Design
Client: Korea Minting & Security Printing Corp. (2010)

Developed design direction for the electronic national identity card based on the needs of citizens and the national government.

Deliverables: Identity card system design, research paper