Act x Vote x Pray

Developed an interactive website to encourage people to vote. 2000+ visitors pledged to vote and shared their promise cards on their social media channels. 


The sinking of Sewol occurred on the morning of 16 April 2014. The ferry was carrying 476 people, 325 of them were students on a field trip from Danwon High School. Most of the passengers died or went missing. The disaster resulted in widespread social and political reactions within South Korea.

photo credit:  CNN

photo credit: CNN

The tragedy created anger and public disappointment. Citizens doubted the government's ability and will to conduct an independent and transparent investigation into the disaster. The families of the victims protested in front of the National Assembly building and held hunger strikes.

Yellow ribbons were used as a symbol of solidarity with the missing teenagers' families in hopes that some of the students might still be found alive. The ribbons also spread into the realm of social media. Many people posted the image as their profile photos.

Local elections were held just fifty days after the accident. I launched this campaign as I believed voting was important to prevent us from repeating the mistakes of our past.